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Eye Candy Friday : v104 {not your ordinary strawberry cake}

Today's Eye Candy Friday is a bit different - not only is it showcasing a not so ordinary strawberry cake, but I also have the DIY tutorial for you to recreate this beautiful centerpiece, which is the perfect décor for spring and summer weddings. It's also a great way to take your wedding inspiration from the season's freshest fruit, strawberries. Don't you just LOVE the baskets brimming with fresh strawberries?

The above Driscoll’s Strawberry Tablescape and "Wedding" Cake was created by entertaining expert Tara Wilson and the "cake" adds color, height, vibrancy and a bit of sophisticated whimsy to the wedding decor. Not only are the fragrant, sweet berries with their deep red hue are memorable, fresh and vibrant, they are also perfect for guests to enjoy Strawberry

Tablescape and Strawberry Cake

Items Needed for Strawberry Cake
(6) round Styrofoam wreaths in (3) graduated sizes (12”, 8”, 4”)
(1) bag of floral pins or cleats
(2) bolt of red ribbon
(3) flats of Driscoll’s strawberries
(1) cake stand
Cutting knife 

1. Wrap each of the wreaths with the red ribbon, making certain that none of the Styrofoam is visible. 
NOTE: if the ribbon is too thick it will be challenging to push the pins through. Selecting a ribbon that is not tightly woven will make this process easier.
2. Attach the (2) largest wreaths together using the floral cleats to form the base of the cake.
3. Remove the stems of each Driscoll’s strawberry, making sure to create a clean even cut. Then cut each berry in half length wise.
4. Begin to cover the outer edges of the (2) largest wreaths with berries in a circular pattern until outer ring is covered.
5. Attach the (2) medium sized wreaths together using the floral cleats to form the second layer of the cake.  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
7. Attach the (2) smallest wreaths together using the floral cleats. This will form the top layer of the cake.
8. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Event Designer and Entertaining Expert, Tara Wilson, tied a small red ribbon around the center of the strawberry cake to complete the look. The Driscoll’s Strawberry cake served as the centerpiece for this spring wedding tablescape.

About the Expert: Tara Wilson is the owner of Tara Wilson Events, a full-service event company committed to providing creative, well-executed and memorable events for individual and corporate clients.