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Rock the Bling with a colored engagement ring

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I'm seeing this more and more where the engagement ring isn't the typical colorless diamond - but instead a beautifully colored gemstone. And, the perfect spot to design your colored enagement ring is at Gemvara where every design is customizable to suit your style and budget with over 25 different gemstones and 8 metal choices to select from.

If you're looking for an engagement ring with a mysterious appeal - then you will love the Black Diamond Engagement Rings. One of the most popular engagement rings Gemvara offers is the Carrie Ring' from Sex and the City 2. And, Black Diamonds are real diamonds - and the black color is caused by graphite inclusions.

If you're looking for an engagement ring to show how madly in love you are - then the Ruby Engagement Rings are for you. Especially since Ruby is the gem of passion and the heart and the symbol of undying love.

If you're planning to get engaged in the spring you'll likely want to consider Emerald Engagement Rings as green is the color of spring and has long been symbolized with love and new beginnings. And, emerald is also the gem of Venus, making it a very romantic choice.

Be sure to visit Gemvara to customize your gemstone engagement ring within any price point. You will also receive free shipping and your jewelry is made just for you and typically arrives in just 2-3 weeks.