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Eye Candy Friday : v100 {finding love in the most unexpected places}

Wow, I can't believe it, but I'm at my 100th Eye Candy Friday post and I just "heart" that the 100th photo is this one from Brett of Birdsong Photography. Being that it's a clover photo is perfect as it falls during the week of St. Patrick's Day, but this isn't just any clover. Brett found a one-leafed clover in Big Sur, California. I'll let Brett explain his finding in his own words: "I’d knelt down to take a shot of a random patch of clover, briefly glanced around for the ever-elusive one with four leaves, and instead found one with only one leaf. And lo and behold, it had the shape of a heart. Now, you can feel free to insert your own ”finding love in the most unexpected places” analogy here, but simply the fact that it looked like a heart and was growing quite happily having only one leaf made it pretty cool to me."

So, let me ask you - did you find your love in an unexpected place?