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Trends for 2011: incorporating classic outdoor elements in weddings

guest blogging with Rook & Rose

Today I'm happy to have Erica of Rook & Rose {a Canadian luxury floral design boutique} joining me on the blog with some great key trends for 2011 including how to incorporate classic outdoor elements into your special event.


Victoria BC, the humble home of Rook & Rose, is an adorable location for a variety of weddings. Its eclectic architecture, historical culture and scenic views accommodate every theme from sleek and modern to kitschy and cute. One common consistency among our unique brides is the love of the west coast and wanting to incorporate classic outdoor elements in their special event. That in mind, here are a few key trends for 2011 that truly encapsulate a Victoria wedding:

The Great Outdoors
Ceremony and reception arrangements don’t have to be limited to fresh cut flowers! Other beautiful and natural elements to consider are; branches, moss, rocks, sand and driftwood. Also, set aside the fear of dirt and opt for a potted plant as a centerpiece. This way, you can get a full and lush table display ... and at a much friendlier price. Lastly, dust off the lawn furniture and bring it inside too! Something out of place, but done just right, adds an unexpected sense of whimsy.

DIY Details
A bride shouldn’t underestimate her own creativity... especially since she has the best understanding of what she wants at her wedding. We’ve found that frames have become quite popular. They can act as elegant borders for menu items, table numbers and other helpful signs and labels. The best way to do it? Collect a number of vintage frames and paint them to match your chosen wedding colours. They can also be used for chalkboards which adds a personal touch and versatility (chalkboard paint is available at any craft store).

Unconfined Centerpieces
Who decided flowers needed to be trapped in a vase or container? Take those outdoor elements and display them loosely across a long table or cluster them in the center of a round table. Ask a florist about seasonal blooms that will last a day outside of water and incorporate them into your display. Small water tubes are also a great option . . . just be sure to hide them in your display.

Thank you Erica for sharing these great ideas with my readers today, as well as the gorgeous photos. Please be sure to visit Rook & Rose for even more inspiring photos.

Article Credit: Cara Mcleod, Rook and Rose's manager/PR Rep