BHLDN's Winter Wedding Gown Collection

Did you hear? The BHLDN's winter gown collection is now available. Not so sure how I feel about their gowns though. I do love the first one that I showcase below - it's absolutely stunning and perfect for holiday weddings. I'm loving the metallic embroidery. What do you think? Would you wear a non-white gown?

Fairy Story / $3,000

Now, for the gowns that left me thinking . . . Maybe it's just me, but this one doesn't quite seem to be appropriate for a wedding gown. I know it has a lining in it - but it appears to nude revealing which wouldn't fly if marrying in a church. Of course, there's no denying that the lace is gorgeous.

Esprit de Corps / $2,200

And, now for one more - you can see the entire winter gown collection here. While this one is beautiful for a 2nd dress to wear during the reception, I personally think it might be a little too short. I'd be afraid of bending over in it and giving my guests a show LOL.

Dainty Diversion Mini / $600

Now I open it up to you - what do you think of the new BHLDN gown collection? It seems obvious to me that these gowns were designed for the slender bride only which is a bit disappointing. The sizes do go from 0-14, but wouldn't it be great to actually see wedding dresses on say maybe 3 different sized models?