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Tips on Choosing the Wedding Invitation That's Right for You


He popped the question, and you told him YES! You have dreamed of this moment since you were a little girl. Now it seems like there are a thousand details to take care of to make your wedding as special and memorable as you’ve always dreamed it would be. Sometimes selecting the invitations to the big event can take a back seat to things like choosing the bridesmaid dresses and renting the reception hall, but they are every bit as important in making the memories of your special day last a lifetime.

The invitation sets the tone of the wedding for your guests. Whether you are planning a traditional church ceremony or getting married at the home plate of Fenway Park, the invitation serves to introduce the theme of the wedding as well as communicate all the necessary details that guests need to know. Wedding invitations typically fall into one of the following categories:

Standard Invitations
This type of invitation has been pre-designed as part of a standard collection, and the theme you choose cannot be changed to better reflect your individual style. There are a wide variety of great designs to choose from, but what you see is what you will get. This is a good option if you can find a design that you are happy with and don’t need to customize your invitations.

Customized Invitations
For the couple who just can’t find the perfect invitation, working with a company to design an invitation that reflects your style and wedding theme can be the answer. These companies have experience in designing unique wedding invitations and know how to ask all the right questions to come up with a design that’s perfect for you. Expect to pay more for this type of invitation in terms of money and time, but it can be well worth it to produce an invitation that is just right for your wedding.

Self-Designed Invitations
Couples who are not satisfied with the standard invitation choices but do not have the budget to work with a customized invitation company have another option. Designing the invitation yourself allows you to control the whole process, from the initial vision to the finished product. Many people have access to word processing software that offer wedding invitation templates to help you get started. You have control over the colors, font, and graphics of the invitation. Many specialized software packages are also available that do a great job of helping you to design and print your wedding invitations. Using tools like these to design the invitation yourself can help produce exactly what you want at an affordable price.

Wedding invitations do so much more than just tell your guests when and where you plan to celebrate the beginning of your marriage. Using one of these options for your invitations will help you to produce a treasured keepsake that will bring back the memories of your special day.

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