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Wedding Photography Tips : Don't Rain on My Parade

guest blogging with Kismis Ink Photography

Today I'm happy to be joined by Mariana and Khaled of Kismis Ink Photography with their terrific tips on how you can still rock your photo session no matter what mother natures throws your way. With Kismis Ink Photography being natural light photographers and their photoshoots taking place almost 100% outdoors, the weather is both their friend and enemy. Sometimes, you can re-schedule, but this isn't always possible if the client is only in the area for a certain date or the weather changes in the middle of the shoot. If you're faced with a questionable weather situation, here are some wonderful tips from Mariana and Khaled on how to deal with the forces of nature for both photographers and those being photographed.


1. Check your weather forecast as it's accurate more than half the time, one great site is that gives you 15 minute intervals of weather forecasting.

2. Preparation is key so you need to plan, plan, and then plan some more. Always expect the unexpected. It may seem like a burden to take extra covers, raincoats, flashlights, plastic bags, a couple of umbrellas, extra lighting, etc. If you don't have these items and do need them, you will kick yourself later for being unprepared.

3. Review your Plan A, Plan B and even Plan C. Become familiar with the area you will be shooting at; by doing so you have an advantage to change locations smoothly without stressing that the new location won’t work, or worse, that you won’t be able to find something. You might even be able to find combo areas that include both outdoor/indoor possibilities.

4. Communication with the client is VITAL. "Feel the vibe and see if your client is willing to endure not-so-perfect weather conditions. Keep in mind, hair & make-up preparation, clothing that they may not want to ruin or get wet, and props that may not be able to withstand harsh conditions." All of these factors will play a major role in determining if the shoot can continue and adjust to the conditions or be rescheduled.

5. Stay optimistic as the photographers mood will also affect the clients. Demonstrating professionalism, enthusiasm, and reassuring the client that their session will be a hit, then 98% of the time, it will!. Be sure to not throw in the towel too quickly and work with what you have and make the best of it. Make use of available light and get creative. Remember: thinking outside the box will not only create unique and fun images, but will also help a photographer strengthen their skills.

6. This tip is specifically for photographers: if you will be shooting in adverse weather, definitely invest in equipment rain gear & insurance. Equipment is expensive and takes only a few seconds to damage, so be sure to make every effort to insure your valuables that are vital to keep you in business.

Thank you so much Kismis Ink Photography for letting me share these tips with my readers today. To see these tips in more depth, please be sure to stop by the Kismis Ink blog.

The photos shown are from Kismis Ink Photography's past sessions that have been threatened by horrible weather.