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Wednesday Wedding Accessory : a Unity Sand Ceremony

Are you looking for a unique way to symbolize your marriage? Consider a unity sand ceremony to represent the joining of you and your fiancé. There are many advantages to a unity sand ceremony - you'll have a timeless piece to keep, plus you won't have to worry about keeping a unity candle lit (especially if you are opting for an outdoor wedding).

How the Unity Sand Ceremony works:
Step 1
: The groom begins with pouring a portion of his sand into the center vase.
Step 2:
The bride will then pour a portion of her sand into the center vase, creating a layered effect.
Step 3:
The bride and groom will simultaneously pour the sand into the center vase.

You'll then have a beautiful vase filled with sand, symbolizing your marriage and forever a memory of your wedding day.

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