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Cute, Stylish Bridal + Bridesmaid Shoes from OKA b.

OKA b. offers a wonderful collection of cute and stylish Bridal or Bridesmaid shoes at a great price point (all shoes priced $40 retail and below) for your wedding day and everyday. And, I've been lucky to receive samples of these super comfy sandals from OKA b. At, you can find an enormous collection of sandals and shoes in all the colors you could imagine as well as many fun style choices at. These shoes are made in the USA and are available as flip-flops, slides, thongs, sandals and even closed toe {with or without a heel}. And, there's even choices for the guys too. The OKA b. footwear come with a two-year guarantee, are antimicrobial and waterproof, they have built in massage beads based on reflexology principles, are non-slip, non-marking, have interchangeable ribbons, and are even top-shelf, dishwasher safe {if the ribbon is removed prior to washing}. And, all OKA b. shoes, including the thongs, feature one–piece construction for superior durability and comfort.

OKA b. has a bridal collection of sandals that are perfect for the wedding day and honeymoon {as you can see in the photos above}. The Madison style even comes with one white ribbon and three bridal ribbons {Just Married, I Do, Martini Glasses}. And, of course any of the other choices would be just perfect as bridesmaids gifts. Either for them to wear at your destination wedding or as a thank you gift. Plus, you can save 20% on your purchase at with the coupon code: INSIDER20

I've been wearing a pair of OKA b. sandals almost all day in the house, especially when cooking and cleaning and my back seems to no longer hurt. Hmmm, it must be those reflexology beads in the sole, I love them :) But, I do prefer the thongs/flip-flops over the slides, but that's just my personal preference. PS: they do tend to run a bit narrow, so you might want to keep that in mind if your foot is a little wider. You could probably go with the next size up and be ok.

There's even a "Find the Perfect Match" feature on the web site where you can plug in your color, style, heel type, shoe size and more to see all the sandals available that meet those specifications. I tried it and the results were right on.

Oh, and guess what? These shoes are recyclable. Customers can send their well-loved shoes to the OKA b. corporate headquarters, where they will be ground and mixed with virgin material to create new products.

Please stop by to see the amazing selection and if you want to try OKA b. footwear for yourself, be sure to use the coupon code INSIDER20 to say 20% on your purchase.

Disclaimer: I have received samples of OKA b. footwear, but have not been monetarily compensated for this post