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Brunch Decorating Ideas for Spring

I recently attended another Sunday decorating seminar at my local Pottery Barn and wanted to share some of the ideas with you. While this seminar did carry over some ideas from previous ones I've attended, I wanted to share just a couple of the tablescapes along with a summary of the ideas presented. Photos showcased are my own and ones from the Pottery Barn's web site.

above photos taken by me, Brenda

Spring Ideas for Brunch Décor

- lots of color
- spring is the time of a rotation of botanicals
- re-using holiday vases with spring elements
- multi-use items are great, such as baskets and vases
- using a nest charger is perfect for a bird theme
- use a simple runner so you can play up colors on table

- ideal for dinners and later evening get togethers
- play up the colors with runner and a fully colored napkin
- tone down the color by using more simple/neutral dishes
- silver taper candle holders are simple, classic and elegant looking

above photos courtesy of Pottern Barn

Tips and Ideas for both types of brunch styles {casual and formal}
- it's still ok to use candles even though it's spring
- candles help bring in the warmth and make the rooms inviting
- don't mix botanicals {ex. if using cherry blossoms, don't mix in roses}
- use simple accents and keep a balance
- symmetry is rigid
- asymmetry create a wave of interest and brings your eye in
- keep scented candles away from where you are eating
- don't put the same motif on everything

above photos taken by me, Brenda {these were other displays in the store that I really liked}

Spring time florals are all about bringing the outside in. Branches are a great decor accent. It's best to choose one main flower to work with and you can even snip flowers off at their stem and float in water. In the end, the decorating is all about creating a balance and keeping it simple, with moderation.