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The Bride and Grooms "First Look" {with a little bit of green}

Today I'm joined by Becca of Studio 222 Photography who will be sharing with you a little bit of details behind the quickly growing trend of "The First Look". Plus, Becca will be sharing with us photos from a recent "First Look" and the groom even joins in the conversation with his thoughts on it.

From Becca . . . "A First Look usually happens just before the ceremony. We take the bride and groom to a secluded location and allow them to privately enjoy the moment of first seeing each other. This time is 100% for the two of them and we give them as much space as they need to really bask in the emotions of that moment. After what is usually one of the most stressful weeks in a couple's life, it's nice for them to take a few moments that are just for themselves. In those moments we can capture some of the deepest and most sincere emotions possible. After the initial moments we are then able to spend a bit of time alone with the couple capturing beautiful portraits as they float on the high of finally getting to just be alone in each other's arms. This time is priceless and frees up the timeline after the ceremony so that we don't have to rush through portraits during the cocktail hour."

Continuing on with Becca's thoughts on "The First Look" . . . "Many couples are concerned that seeing each other prior to the ceremony will lessen the experience of seeing your soon-to-be spouse walking down the aisle toward you but we've found that to be the opposite. Couples that decide to have a "First Look" often tell us that it helped to make that moment during the ceremony even better because they were not at all stressed or feeling pressured to give a certain response and they were free to just revel in the moment."

And, thank you Becca for contacting the groom from these images, Jeff, and asking him to share his thoughts on his "First Look" with his bride, Becky. Here's what Jeff said...

"To anyone thinking of taking "first look" photos, I highly recommend it. Having those shots done beforehand allowed some pictures to be taken we would have never been able to get otherwise, and enabled me to experience how pretty my bride was without the distractions of being stared at by all the people at our ceremony. I don't think that it took away from the ceremony experience at all, as I was still overcome by emotion seeing my bride walk down the aisle, because there was so much else weighing on me that not having to worry about looking just right for that "first look" at the ceremony was one less thing to worry about. It still was amazing watching her walk down the aisle, as the gravity of the day, and the bond we were about to form was the driving moment."

Thank you Becca and Jeff for joining me on the blog today. To see more from this couple's "first look", please click here. And, of course to see even more photos from Becca and Nate of Studio 222 Photography, please visit their web site and blog.