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Inspiration for Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

These lovely floral arrangements and wire tree display are from Better Homes and Gardens. They were part of an article that discussed setting the mood for Valentine's Day with lovely ideas for pretty flower arrangements and centerpieces. While I do think these arrangements would be perfect for Valentine's Day, I think they'd also be ideal for both bridal showers and weddings. I love the idea of presenting your floral centerpiece in a vintage pitcher or compote.

In the top left photo, there are three white roses and a handful of tiny pink tea roses that are tied together and placed inside a paper cone with a ribbon hanging loop. This would look perfect as a decoration on a door handle, chair back or even hanging from a chandelier. And, I love the wire tree display. There are so many ideas for this - one of which would be for guests to write well wishes or advice on the paper hearts, vintage cards, etc and then hang them from the tree.