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Friday Favor of the Day : "Purse Valet" Handbag Holder

Imagine how thrilled the guests at your bridal shower will be when they find you've chosen the "Purse Valet" Stainless-Steel Handbag Holder for their favors! They'll probably open it right there and use the practical Purse Valet while they enjoy a fun-filled, worry-free celebration! The silver-tone purse sits on the tabletop and a 3 1/4" metal hanger drops under the table, where you conveniently and confidently place the strap of your purse. No more placing your purse on the dirty floor, your lap or the back of the chair where it can be easily stolen.

Each holder is packaged in a cute, clever and colorful 4 1/2" x 4" x 3/8" gift box that shows you exactly how to use the valet, with an artist's illustration of a woman seated at a table, enjoying her cocktail because her purse (the actual purse valet) is kept securely under the table. The portable valet also fits easily in any purse. With the holidays just around the corner, consider a "Purse Valet" Stainless-Steel Handbag Holder for a stocking stuffer. Visit The Wedding Outlet to Shop all Favors for the Girls.

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