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Weddings in 2010 will be high-tech and homespun

Guest Blogger with My Wedding Workbook

Brides have spoken, and they are embracing both high-tech and homespun items. Today's guest blogger Jeff Kear is owner of My Wedding Workbook - free online wedding software for engaged couples - and My Wedding Workbook Pro - online software for wedding consultants. Today he is sharing with us some interesting results from a survey of the more than 12,000 brides using his online planning tools.


Since we started My Wedding Workbook in March of last year, brides have been sharing with us how they like to plan their weddings, and in a recent survey they told us that, in 2010, they are relying more than ever on homemade items as well as high-tech tools to help them.

Of the brides who responded to our survey, 73.6% said they will be using homemade or handmade items such as decorations, favors, centerpieces and invitations, and 68.7% also stated that they would be using high-tech tools such as wedding software and wedding web sites.

This makes sense with what we've been hearing over the last year as brides have really embraced handmade wedding items to add warmth and originality to their wedding (just look at the popularity of sites like Etsy and all the great handmade wedding items offered there ... even my wife bought a vintage handmade birdcage veil for our wedding there).

In addition, there are so many new high-tech wedding tools out there - from free software like ours and wedding websites to Facebook and iPhone apps - that it only makes sense that brides are taking advantage of all these helpful aids. According to our survey, 75.0% of brides are using wedding websites; 69.5% are using wedding software, electronic checklists and spreadsheets; and 54.9% are using online forums, blogs and other social media sites to connect with each other and gain wedding planning ideas and insights.

We also did a bit of research into new wedding traditions, and there are more than a few that are very popular with 2010 brides, including save-the-date cards, 62.6%; engagement photos, 59.2%; personalized wedding vows, 39.0%; unmatched bridesmaids' dresses, 34.7%; environmentally friendly products, 26.7%; and reception photo booths, 21.8%.

So, as a bride, what can you take from all this? First, there's more and more high-tech tools out there that can make planning a wedding easier and more fun. Second, if you want a more personal touch for your wedding, you should certainly either consider making your own items or buying handmade items (for which there are many online venues). Third, your peers are openly embracing new ideas and traditions, and you should feel free to explore them yourself in creating a wedding that's uniquely yours.

From all of us at My Wedding Workbook, happy planning in 2010 and beyond.


Thank you very much Jeff for guest blogging today - I love being able to share these stats with my readers. I love the growing trend of eco-friendly weddings {along with the growing number of vendors that are going green as well}. Even with everyday life relying more on technology, it's so nice to see it being put to use to bring more personalization to weddings and help to make wedding planning easier for today's busy couples.