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Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

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Your wedding day should be shared with close family and friends... everyone you love and care about. Unfortunately, sometimes a loved one is not able to be there. On your wedding day, you can celebrate the new life that you and your fiance are about to share and celebrate the memory of those you love. A memorial service can be done in a respectful and uplifting manner. Or even a tribute through flowers or candles can be a special part of your wedding ceremony. The bride and groom should decide together if remembrance of relatives and friends is appropriate for their special day.

Daisy Days proudly offers a selection of memorial candles and memorial vases that will allow you to remember special loved ones at your wedding.
"In Memory" Remembrance Vases
Beautiful vases may be filled with flowers for an elegant display, whether on your wedding day alter or your mantle at home. A vase is a beautiful way to remember those who have gone before you. Some of the memorial vases from Daisy Days may be engraved with a name and date to make the piece a touching tribute.

Remembering Vase, Memorial Glass Cylinder, In Loving Memory Memorial Vase, Heart Glass Porcelain Hands

"In Loving Memory" Memorial Candles
Part of your wedding ceremony can incorporate lighting candles in memory of a loved one. This can be done during the processional by a family member or during the actual ceremony. Most memorial candles may be personalized with names and dates. Choose to have one candle per individual or a single candle listing all the names of your loved ones. For a memorial candle alternative, consider floating a candle inside an engraved memorial vase or a special tealight holder.

Personalized Memorial Candle Stand, Personalized Memorial Candle Cross,
Personalized Floating Candle Memorial Vase, Rememberance Tealight Candle Holder

Memorial Picture Frames
Another way to honor the memory of a loved one is to have a picture frame with a photograph. By placing a memorial frame on the altar, or on a special table, you will be able to give a physical presence to the people who are dearly missed, but who will always be loved. The bride can even use a small photograph that can be tucked into her bouquet or placed on a memory buckle and wrapped around the bouquet.

Personalized Memorial Glass Picture Frame, Wooden Memorial Keepsake Display Frame,
Memorial Candle Frame Set Personalized, Memory Buckles

For even more ways to honor the lives of your loved ones, please visit Daisy Days. How will you be remembering your loved ones at your wedding? I'd love to have you share.