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The Perfect Wedding Favors {to Drink} for any Season

Autumn is well under way and with winter just around the corner, it brings to mind cold days when the perfect way to spend the day is curled up reading a good book while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea. Give your guests a heartfelt thanks with a warming beverage favor that will be a sweet reminder of your day. Daisy Days offers a great selection of hot beverage favors to fit any taste: hot chocolate favors, hot tea favors, cappuccino favors, coffee favors and more.Personalized Premium Tea Packet Favors, Bridal "Tea Bag" Bridal Shower Tea Favors, "The Perfect Blend" – Elegant Coffee Kit Favors w/ Coffee Scoop, Personalized Wedding Brick Pack Coffee Favors

For couples with a sweet tooth, Daisy Days offers decadent personalized hot cocoa favors. Add a small whisk for a truly unique gift. Their coffee favors come in a variety of flavors and sizes – choose from colorful or traditional pillow packs, soft packs or brick packs of coffee. If coffee just isn't your thing, Daisy Days also has hot tea favors in a variety of flavors (black, white or jasmine) that can be packaged as tea bags, in a travel disc tin or as loose leaf tea in a gorgeously packaged tin.
"Fall for Love" Personalized Hot Cocoa & Optional Heart Whisk, Wedding Coffee Collection™,
Bridal "Tea Bag" Bridal Shower Tea Favors, Island Coconut Tea Tin with Shell Infuser

For brides who love the idea of giving beverage favors as gifts to their guests but plan to be in a warmer or tropical locale, Daisy Days has the perfect beverage favors for you as well. Their cold beverage favors include iced cappuccino favors, lemonade favors, and cocktail favors in your choice of Margarita or Cosmopolitan flavors.
"Nothing is Sweeter Than Love" Personalized Lemonade & Optional Heart Whisk, The Perfect Mix™ - Martini Glasses Cocktail Mix Wedding Favors, The Perfect Mix™ - Three Circles Cocktail Mix Wedding Favors, Personalized Iced Cappuccino Wedding & Bridal Shower Favors

Be sure to visit Daisy Days for all of your beverage favors needs and for more personalized products to make your special occasion memorable.