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RSVP Etiquette Tips {courtesy of}

I'm pleased to welcome {the leading online photo greeting card company} to the blog today. With each of the designs at, you can add your own custom text and photos. You will then finalize, confirm and see your live preview. Before we get to the RSVP etiquette tips is sharing with readers of Brenda's Wedding Blog today, I wanted to share with you some of the great card designs available from their site.shown above: Classic Black Four, Vegas Black, Wonderful Day, Cartouche

RSVP Etiquette Tips (from

1. ALWAYS RSVP to any event; and as promptly as possible.

2. Respond by deadline: the deadline is very important, not only for food and drink counts, but also for the hostess to prepare for the event.

3. If you have RSVPed for an event and, at the last minute, need to cancel—make a quick courtesy phone call to the host.

4. An invitation that is addressed specifically to your name and does not specify “and guest” means you cannot bring a guest.

5. If your children’s names are not on the envelope, you should always ask if you’d like to bring your children along. If their names are not included, it might mean children are not invited; or it might be an oversight, so you should always ask.

In a little while returns with details on why Save the Date Cards are a must for today's busy family schedules.