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Lazy Bride 411 - free bridal service

I received an email from Larissa {president of Weddings Costa Rica} yesterday afternoon about her brand new FREE service to connect brides with other brides and wedding vendors. The service is called Lazy Bride 411. To help explain the service best, I'll let Larissa tell you all about it . . .
"Are you strapped for time? Need answers fast to your most pressing wedding questions? Getting bogged down by chat rooms and message boards where threads get all off-topic and go on ad nauseum?

Fear not, as help is just an email away!

Lazy Bride 411 is a new service connecting brides, vendors and wedding media. And it's free!

How does it work?
Simple. First, head over to
Sign up to be included on the mailing list. Then, once a day, you'll receive a list of queries. If you're able to answer any of them, email the inquirer directly. If you cannot be of assistance, hit delete and go about your day.

Have a wedding question? Fill out the Query Form and we'll include your question in the next email out. Then sit back and watch for the answers to arrive in your in-box.

Everyone and everything wedding related is welcome. From the bride looking for a reception site on the water in Seattle to the recently-married gal in Texas looking for a buyer of her 300 IKEA votive candles to the wedding magazine writer looking for a couple with a Star Trek wedding theme to feature in an article, Lazy Bride 411 is the avenue for you to find what you need, fast.

And no worries - your name and email address will never be shared and will never be used for anything other than Lazy Bride 411.

Join the community and help make everyone's day just a little bit lazier!

Lazy Bride 411 is the latest offering from Lazy Bride (, the blog for brides who want a fabbo wedding without breaking into a sweat. Created by Larissa Banting (who just realized she's made her life a lot less lazy with LB411), Lazy Bride has garnered an international following of fans looking for ways to make their wedding planning a little lazier. Larissa is the founder of the premiere destination wedding planning firm in Costa Rica, Weddings Costa Rica, and has over 300 weddings to her credit, where she's stared down everything from earthquakes to monkeys in the line of wedding planning duty."

Thank you so much Larissa for letting me share this great new service to my readers. I think it's a wonderful concept, and so innovative - LOVE IT!