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The Unity Sand Ceremony

Are you looking for a unique way to symbolize your marriage? You may want to consider a unity sand ceremony to represent the joining of you and your fiance. According to Danielle at The Wedding Outlet, "There are many advantages to a unity sand ceremony - you'll have a timeless piece to keep, plus you won't have to worry about keeping a unity candle lit (especially if you are opting for an outdoor wedding)".

For those of you that may not be familiar with how a Sand Ceremony works, Danielle joins us today from The Wedding Outlet to share the details:

You will start out with 3 vases (more if including the priest or children). The center vase is the largest as this is the one that will have the sand poured into it by all participants. For the sand, many opt to select a different color for each participant.
Step 1: The groom will begin pouring a portion of his sand into the center vase
Step 2: The bride then pours a portion of her sand into the center vase, creating a layered effect
Step 3: The bride and groom will then simultaneously pour the sand into the center vase

There are variations to these steps, some of which might be:
• Some couples choose to repeat Steps 2 and 3 from above to create multiple sand layers
• Some choose to include the priest in the sand ceremony to symbolize the union with their faith. The priest would follow Step 2 above.
• And, if you have children, you might want to symbolize the joining of both families by having each child pour sand into the center vase. Children would follow Step 2 above.

The end result is a beautiful vase filled with sand that symbolizes your marriage and will be a memory of your wedding day forever. And, many of the Sand Ceremony kits at The Wedding Outlet have the option of personalizing the large center glass vases with names and wedding date.

Is anybody opting for a unity sand ceremony instead of the traditional unity candle lighting? Please share with us.