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Decorating and Entertaining Quick Tips {for a brunch}

This past Sunday I attended a great decorating class at my local Pottery Barn and wanted to pass along some of the tips I collected at the class. While the theme was a Weekend Brunch (with Easter being featured), these tips and ideas can easily be used for any wedding gathering, from the engagement party to the bridal shower to the wedding itself. Sunday's Weekend Brunch at the Pottery Barn featured entertaining ideas (on a much more budget friendly scale) and recipes from the book Fandango: Recipes, Parties and License to Make Magic by Sandy Hill. {note: the photos featured are ones that I personally took while at the event}

The first set of photos is from the "elegant spring luncheon for girlfriends" table. Both of the table settings at the class used chargers. Chargers can be used as a decorative element for any table setting, but are most recommended for buffets as the guest will be able to balance their plate on their arm better with the support of a charger while using their free hand to select the food. It's also recommended to use white plates as "the food is your gift to the guest" - what a great saying!

Placecards are a great element even for a small intimate gatherings for that extra special touch (and take home gift). Two ideas for placecards would be either a bud vase with a name tag attached to the flower (real or silk), or a picture frame with a photo of the guest. Both are great take home gifts for the guest.

For the centerpieces:
1. When grouping elements together, it's recommended that you alternate heights and colors. Also, you will want to have groupings of odd numbers. Above, there was 3 vases of flowers and 2 glass cylinders with pillar candles in them (note: one candle is behind the taller flower vase and not showing in the photo)
2. For a small table, it's recommended that you use a tall, narrow centerpiece (so the guests won't have to keep craning their neck to see the guest across from them), or a short wide centerpiece that allows for easy conversation as you can see over it.

Instead of having a basket with all the utensils in it and the guests have to reach in for theirs, it's recommended that you wrap up a fork, knife and spoon so the individual serving set is ready for your guest. Just these 3 utensils will suffice, there no need to have an extra's like a smaller fork for salad, etc.
While the above table is the Easter display, elements from this tablescape can easily be implemented into any event. For example, I'm thinking a great way to make use of the pink floral branches in the pot, would be to have your guests write wishes or advice on tags and then hang them on the brances.

This was my first Pottery Barn decorating class and I had a great time. Hopefully I'll be able to attend more and I will be sharing more photos with you as the classes become available throughout the year.

Stay tuned: coming up a bit later this morning, I have a blog giveaway for you.