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5 Tips to Finding a Great Wedding Photographer

Earlier today I featured the beautiful outdoor wedding of Seth and Laura in Tennessee, photographed by the husband and wife team Phil and Mindy of Phindy Studios in Nashville, TN. Here's a great article that Phil sent over, written by his wife that I wanted to share with you. It discusses 5 simple tips for finding your wedding photographer . . .

Selecting a wedding photographer is possibly one of the most impactful decisions you can make during your wedding planning. Your wedding photos should last a lifetime and be a direct reflection of your special day. A good wedding photographer will capture the essence of your wedding and convey that emotion through the images. Here are five simple tips to follow when searching for your perfect wedding photographer.

© Phindy StudiosThe Internet is Your Buddy
Most brides (and the occasional groom) know that the internet is a very valuable tool when researching vendors and looking for wedding inspiration. Directory sites like Best Wedding Sites are great for searching through a ton of resources all in the same place. This saves you time and puts great vendors right in front of you. Once you have developed a short list of photographers whose work you love based on your initial impression then you can really dig into each site individually. Many successful photographers operate blogs. Checking out a photographers blog is a great way to learn a little more about them, find some more recent work, and even peak into their personality. These days if a photographer doesn't have a website my suggestion would be to skip them. If they aren't using the web they are most likely extremely outdated or not serious about their profession.

Your Cousin/Sister/Aunt/Friend
You might be tempted to skip the expensive professional wedding photographer and use your best friend who has a great camera. Please don't make this mistake. Wedding photography requires experience to do it right. There are a hundred things that go on during a wedding that you must capture, correctly, the first time. A professional knows where to be, what to look for, and how to capture an image unobtrusively. Professional photography gear is also critical for shooting wedding. Many times off camera lighting or specialty lenses are needed that most hobbiest just don't have.

It really is all about chemistry. Make sure you take the time to interview the photographer you are considering. This is a very common and acceptable practice and if the photographer is not happy to meet with you before hand, move on. Your wedding day should be fun and relaxing. If your photographer doesn't "click" with you it will only create stress. After booking your photographer you should feel confident that they are reliable, trustworthy, and can deliver the photos you expect.

© Phindy StudiosProduct Overload
Your first encounter with a photographer might seem a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of available products and services for you to choose from. My advice is to select a photographer based primarily on their skills and images. Products can usually be added at any time after the wedding. Don't choose a less talented photography simply because they offer a free print or promotional product.

Background Check

A few questions you might want to ask your prospective photographer are:
1. Are you a full time photographer or part-time?
2. May we see a completed wedding (all images.)
3. May we have a few references to contact?
4. Are you insured and is your business registered?

These questions will give you a better idea about your photographers background and wether or not they are legitimate. If the photographer acts offended or defensive it may be a sign that they are hiding something.

Just remember, go with your instinct and the selection process should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Happy hunting!

Article by: Nashville Wedding Photographer Mindy Thornton of Phindy Studios