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The Bridal Mini™ for Brides To Be

Carol, a recent bride herself, emailed me with details her Bridal Mini™. Her creation looks like the top half of a wedding gown and is worn when testing hair, makeup and jewelry. I can also see this being worn on the wedding day when getting ready. Another idea is wear the Bridal Mini™ to the bachelorette party so there's no mistaking who the bride is. For my own wedding (6 1/2 years ago), I wore a grey tank top while getting ready - and that just doesn't make you look flattering when doing your hair and makeup for the big day. I would have loved to have had a Bridal Mini for myself. Also, each Bridal Mini has a corset back with a panel that can expand or contract the garment so it fits just right (the panel can also be tucked in if you'd like your back to show). Optional straps are also available for purchase. I think the Bridal Mini™ concept is brilliant.

Note: $1 from each sales goes to Brides against Breast Cancer and other worthy charities.