Preston Bailey Wedding Invitations

Preston Bailey has recently teamed up with Invitation Consultants to create a line of exquisite invitations that "brings Preston Bailey's lavish and sophisticated designs to paper in an affordable way". Well, so the site says . . . but, to be honest, I'm not sure that $149/$199 for 25 invitations (excluding reply, response and thank you cards) can be called all that affordable for the average buyer. While I think there is a nice layout of the typography on the invitations {although nothing spectacular}, I'm not as fond of the floral graphics on them. These invitations seem a little too busy and bold for my tastes. But, I wanted to share them with you for your thoughts. What do you think of the few samples I showcase below? You can see the entire Preston Bailey Wedding Invitations line here.
from top left to bottom right: Enchanting Beauty, Tropical Delight, Vibrant Petals, Lovely Paradise