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Unique Item for Weddings: The Strapper™

When I was introduced to The Strapper™ by Lizzie of 32Flavor PR, I knew I just had to have one for my shirt I love from Victoria's Secret. My problem with the shirt is the bra straps show as the shirt style cuts in on the back side. I tested a Strapper™ out and it's amazing, as it's designed to hide bra straps from under sleeveless tops (and also prevents bra straps from falling off the shoulders). Not only does it work at perfectly at hiding the straps, but my bra was actually more comfortable than wearing the straps the normal way.

If your bridesmaids are going to be wearing a sleeveless top, but plan to still wear a bra, this is a wonderful product to help them be comfortable while hiding the bra straps from showing in photos. The Strapper™ is sold in white, nude, tan, hot pink, red, chocolate, baby pink, green, dark blue, turquoise, black, and clear - for those looking to match their skin tone or who want to be fashion savvy with a bright color. It's also available in bridal packs (comes in a blue bag with a penny for your shoe) and even an exclusive crystallized Strapper™ made with Swarovski Elements.

To see more about The Strapper™ or to order your own, please click here (it's $5.99 for a single one and the bridal pack, which makes a wonderful bridal gift, is only $11.99).

PS: While I was given a Strapper™ to test out, I was not in any way paid to make an endorsement, I simply wrote how I feel about the product. The product does mention that it lifts and supports, I didn't notice any significant lift, but I did feel more supported as the bra simply fit more comfortably when wearing The Strapper™.