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Unique Item for Weddings: Simple Human Sensor Soap Pump

Now, you might be wondering why I'm writing about a soap dispenser . . . but I find this product to be a wedding registry must-have item and it also makes a wonderfully unique wedding gift for the newlyweds. This Sensor Soap Pump from Simple Human is unlike any I've ever seen. It runs on 4 AA batteries and you simply fill it with the soap or lotion of your choice, place your hand underneath, and out comes the soap/lotion. Couldn't be easier, no pumping and no spreading of germs! I've had the privilege of receiving a soap dispenser in black with silver and LOVE IT. (it's also available in white with silver) I'm using mine in the kitchen as I've never really liked the idea of pumping soap after touching raw meat. If Simple Human made one in white with brushed metal, I'd definitely be buying another one for our 1/2 bath. The only minor problem I have is that with 4 different soap flow settings, the lowest one still seems to dispense a bit more soap than I typically would use. But, maybe Simple Human could look into this for the next version of this product. To see more about the Sensor Soap Pump and other Simple Human innovations, please visit their web site.

PS: While I was given a Simple Human Sensor Soap Pump to test out, I was not in any way paid to make an endorsement, I simply wrote how I feel about the product.