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Expert Wedding Tips

Today, wedding expert Sarah Creviston of George Street Photo and Video shares with us hot bridal trends & offers simple ways to cut costs on your big day.

With a shaky economy, increasing mortgage pressures, rising job cuts and skyrocketing gas and grocery costs, many couples are looking for ways to cut costs on their big day. More couples are opting for fall weddings (among other things) to save on venue prices. As Sarah of George Street Photo and Video explains, "The average wedding cost is a whopping $28,704. Everyone deserves to have the wedding of their dreams. And with the economy as it is, there are many different ways to make that happen without creating a ridiculous price tag."

Below are Sarah's Top Ten Tips for Beautiful-Brides on a Budget
1. Season - Plan your wedding for the fall or winter and save thousands. (Venues and vendors generally charge more in the popular Summer months)

2. Location - Consider having your ceremony at city hall, on the beach, in the backyard or at a park to further save on venue costs – these places also create beautiful backdrops for photos. (average cost: $1,258)

3. Day of the Week - Plan your big day for a Friday or Sunday (Saturday weddings are in more demand, therefore more costly)

4. The Dress - Buy a pre-owned wedding dress, (a hot bridal trend) or even sell your dress after the wedding - {note: see our post from earlier this week on Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses} (average cost: $1,505)

5. Photos - It is important that your special day is documented beautifully, but consider a company that offers digital negatives, giving you the freedom to print as you wish. (George Street Photo & Video is one of very few companies that does this)

6. Invites - Similarly, print your own invitations - You can buy stunning invitation sets from Target and print at home to save (average cost: $848)

7. Dry Weddings - Couples are trading in alcohol for sophisticated tea bars, cappuccino bars and juice bars. (average cost: $2,826)

8. DIY centerpieces - Some couples are using attractive appetizer trays -- from antipasto to cheese fondues -- as centerpieces in place of flowers at the reception. Also consider a multi-level, pillar candle collection interspersed with some fresh flowers – ambiance and elegance (average cost $1,272) {note: see post below for a fun save the date involving cheese fondue}

9. Music - Use an ipod instead of a typical wedding band or DJ. You'll have more control over the tunes and save a ton. (average cost: $953)

10. Guest List - Simply keep your invite list smaller to reduce overall costs – stick strictly to family and close friends. (average number of guests: 169)

Thank you Sarah for putting this article together and thank you Gina for sending us this valuable information.

above image courtesy of George Street Photo and Video

PS - our weekly tips from will be returning next Friday.

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