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Wedding Trends for this Summer's 8/8/08

The other day I received a press release from comedienne and CEO of Bride's Night Out®, Pamela Yager. Pamela is considered the "Lucille Ball of bachelorette party planning". According to Pamela, "one of the foremost trends for this season is 8/8/08 weddings". I thought you would enjoy reading this, so below is an excerpt from the press release:

Bachelorette Party Planning Maven Reveals Why 8/8/08 is so Hot
"The number eight is highly favored in many spiritual and cultural traditions," says Yager. "For example, the Chinese pronunciation of 'eight' sounds similar to the word for 'prosperity' In the Chinese culture, the more eights involved in a couple's life, the better chance for luck and wealth. In Russia, 8/8/08 date is so highly prized that it is called the 'Millionaire Mark' day and one bride told me that people would pay a bribe to secure it for their wedding."

Some other reasons why eight (8) is such an auspicious number include:
• Eight (8) is a multiple of four (4). Four (4) equal sides create a square. A square represents the ultimate shape of balance and stability.
• Eight (8) is the symbol for "infinity". This is connected to the spiritual concept of "forever," which of course is the great hope for every new marriage.
• Just like the circular shape of a wedding ring (which has no beginning and no end), the two loops of the figure eight (8) when joined together represent the connection between a higher power and a human being.

"My bachelorette party clients carefully choose the date of their nuptials," says the saucy auburn coiffed Yager. "I personally chose 7/7/07 for my own wedding and threw seven (7) pre-wedding events. For 8/8/08 couples, Yager suggests the following party planning ideas to accentuate the fortuitousness of the date:

• Produce a bachelorette party with eight (8) distinct elements (i.e. games, toasts)
• Throw eight (8) co-ed pre-wedding parties for the bride and/or groom
• Schedule the bachelorette party for 8:08 p.m.
• The hottest (and best socializing) table shape happens to be an octagon for eight (8)
• Appoint eight (8) wedding attendants
• Set eight (8) diamonds in the wedding rings
• Set eight (8) crystals in your bachelorette party and bridal veils
• Arrange eight (8) featured flowers in each bouquet
• Ask eight (8) special wedding guest to make toasts
• Dance to an eight (8) piece band
• Give favors including eight pieces of chocolate and an 8/8/08 lottery ticket

Beverly Hills bride-to-be and classical pianist, Elena Ganjoula, chose the 8/8/08 wedding date based on the strong cultural significance of the date in her native Russia, "The number eight represents stability, prosperity, wealth and success in love and finances. As a musician, the symbology extends to the fact that the 4:4 tempo is the march, which is a happy, uplifting melody." Ironically enough, Ganjoula and her husband-to-be live at an '808' address. Coincidentally, Pamela Yager lives at a '717' address.

Priscilla Flores, another Los Angeles bride-to-be, serendipitously chose the date when the venue she wished for had the 8/8/08 date suddenly become available. "It was only later we discovered that the 8/8/08 date is fabled to bring my marriage eternal happiness because of the luck surrounding the number eight!"

The "Sex in the City of Hen Parties," Bride's Night Out® ( is the nation's first and only bachelorette party planning service of its kind and was founded by stand-up comedienne, Pamela Yager. The national network of pre-nuptial festivities is uniquely led by improvisational comedy-trained "Party Guides" at venues, homes, and destinations throughout the U.S. Bride's Night Out® features a lucrative consultant career program for anyone wishing to become a bachelorette party planner, and wedding industry professionals can add BNO to their list of products and services for added income. Most of all, a rockin' good time is offered for the 2.4 million brides that are headed to the altar every year.

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