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Unique Wedding Centerpiece Idea

I'm loving this alternative idea for either bridal shower or wedding centerpieces - it's a centerpiece and favor combo in one. (Thank you mom for bringing this site to my attention) The company is Florelle™ and they offer bouquets made up of candy-filled wands that each guest at your table can take home. They offer centerpieces for tables of 8, 9, 10, and 12. You select the colors, gourmet candy filling of choice (ex. sugar coated almonds, after dinner mints, sweet heart candies, etc), the size of the wand, and if you wish to, you can personalize the favors with the name and date of your event.

This idea is so clever. And, flowers can still be incorporated into the favor centerpieces if desired. There are over 40 colors to select from and you can have your centerpiece be comprised of one or more colors. There is sure to be a color that will match your event. To speak with a Florelle™ designer, you can call toll-free 1-800-768-7116 or 1-800-746-0429.

Has anybody used this type of centerpiece before? What are doing for your bridal shower or wedding centerpiece arrangements? I'd love to hear your ideas on unique centerpieces.