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Fake Wedding Cakes

My husband recently sent me a link to an article on that talked about a bride having a fabulous wedding on a budget. One of the tips mentioned was to rent a wedding cake. I'll admit that the cakes above do look real, but they are actually tiered Styrofoam cakes with icing on the outside. I guess you can have a secret compartment in the back of the cake where you can hide a slice of edible cake. Your guests will think you're cutting into the real thing - but they will actually be served slices from an inexpensive sheet cake that's been in the kitchen. What I'd be curious to see though, is what this compartment looks like. On all the cake rental sites I've visited, I can't seem to find a photo of this. I'm thinking it's something like a wedge with maybe a lid to hide your real cake slice in? Or is there an opening in the fake cake for a real slice to be put in? Anybody know?

Personally, I don't think I could ever rent a cake. If the budget didn't allow for a cake, then I would opt for the popular cupcake tree. You might even consider making the cupcakes yourself and maybe you could gather your bridal party together to help you frost them. Or, why not forgo the traditional cake cutting and have a dessert buffet instead? You might even ask family members to bake their favorite(s) and display them at the wedding with a label that might read something like "Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies baked with love by Aunt Judy". Definitely a budget-friendly dessert option. You might even decide to go one step further by gathering all of the recipes and creating a dessert cookbook as a favor for your guests.

Pricing for a cake rental typically starts around $130 plus shipping for a 3 tiered cake shown in a pre-designed cake gallery. Custom ordered 3 tier cakes can start around $200+ plus shipping. Additional tiers are added cost. Please note: Cakes require a safety deposit, which is refunded once the cake has been returned and is not damaged. Maybe it's just me, but do you want to be cutting into a "fake" cake that another couple has cut into? And would a bride really want to have to remember to set aside time to ship a cake back after the wedding when there are all those thank you's to tackle?

Anybody out there renting a cake for your wedding? Have you been to a wedding where a cake had been rented? Please share your thoughts on fake wedding cakes, I'd love to know what you think.

Some of the Cake Rental Companies I've come across:
Fake the Cake in CA, Atlanta Cake Rental in GA, Mrs. Oliver's Cakes in MD, Cake Rental in MI, Rent a Fake Cake in MN, Sin City Fake Cakes in NV, Rent the Cake of Your Dreams in NY, Cutting the Cake and Sugar Fake Cakes in Canada

Above Image Credits:
Top Row: from Rent the Cake of Your Dreams, Middle Row: from Atlanta Cake Rental, Bottom Row: from Fake the Cake