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Toss Bouquets

Weekly Wedding Tip
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"Unless you don't mind sacrificing your beautiful bridal bouquet, you'll want to order a second one for tossing. Ask your florist to arrange a smaller bouquet, perhaps using inexpensive flowers, so you don't have to part with the original."

For my own wedding, my husband and I decided to forgo both the traditional bouquet and garter toss. But, I can definitely understand why you'd want a toss bouquet so you can keep your own bouquet as a momento of the special day. Will you be having a toss bouquet created for your wedding reception? You might even be able to find a florist that offers a complimentary toss bouquet as part of their wedding floral package.

Another twist to the bouquet toss that I think is so clever, would be to create multiple bouquets (maybe 5) for a "fortune bouquet toss". You could either have mini versions of your own bouquet or a breakaway bouquet. Each bouquet would include a tag with a fortune on it - this way you could invite all the female guests out to participate, not just the single ones.

A few other options for a toss bouquet:
- make a mini bouquet with silk flowers so the catcher can have a keepsake
- you might want to do something just for the kids and toss a stuffed animal
Do you have any other ideas?

To preserve your own bridal bouquet - you might consider either Florage or Heller and Reid.

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Above Bridal Bouquets with corresponding Toss Bouquets from ProFlowers