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Wedding Workout Tips

from Violet Zaki (trainer for
Violet (a trainer with Exercise TV) has put together some bridal tips for our readers so you can achieve the best bridal body in time for your special day. Here's her top 5 tips:

TIP 1: Using a light to medium weight, hinge at your hips and extend your arms back, alongside of your torso. With your shoulders back and down and your abs in tight, bend and extend your elbows. Try 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions for sleek and sexy triceps.

TIP 2: Fuel Your body right to feel slim and trim on your big day. Save indulges like rich desserts and sweet, high-calorie cocktails for your honeymoon. Get wedding gown-ready by sticking with an array of fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Eat your complex carbs - in the form of whole grains - early on in the day.

TIP 3: Give your posture a check up. Whether you’re walking, dancing or feeding your groom some wedding cake, sit tall by lengthening your spine up ward. Relax your shoulder blades back and down as you lift your heart. You'll radiate beauty, confidence and grace while looking pounds slimmer instantly.

TIP 4: Preparing for your big day is an opportunity to get into the best shape of your life. To do this, you have to eat. But, be a grazer. Try eating mini meals every 3-4 hours. This will help rev up your metabolism and keep your blood sugar leveled throughout the day, so you’ll never feel deprived or overeat.

TIP 5: Marriage is about commitment, so make a vow to your health and sanity by getting plenty of rest. Chronic stress and sleep deprivation can actually lead to weight gain, especially around your midsection. Try a yoga class, daily meditations or simply a relaxing bath to keep "Bridezilla" at bay.

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