Review: Never Throw Rice at a Pisces

by Stacey Wolf
The Bride's Astrology Guide to Planning Your Wedding, Choosing Your Honeymoon, and Loving Every Second of It, No Matter What Your Sign
Stacey Wolf has written an amazing wedding planning book based on your astrological sign. In this book, Stacey gives "smart, easy-to-use, sign-specific advice" to help you plan your perfect wedding and honeymoon.

One of the best parts about this book? It doesn't tell you if you're compatible with your partners sign, but instead, you will find out how to plan for your wedding, honeymoon and life together as newlyweds using the signs that you are. This is the first wedding planner book that is guided by the stars and speaks personally to each bride.

According to Stacey Wolf, "Knowing who you are, what you want in life, and what you don't, helps tremendously. Never Throw Rice at a Pisces helps brides focus on who they are and reminds them of their unique personality and encourages them to make the choices that are right for them. Depending upon how deeply you want to dive into the stars, you can also use astrology to help you choose a wedding day that is in harmony with your emotional nature and that of your fiancé."

This book is a fun read and filled with a tremendous amount of wonderful tips, ideas and advice that are written in an easy to follow format. Also included are stories from other astrobrides. You can see more fun stories and tips from Stacey Wolf at her website -

Purchase your copy of Never Throw Rice at a Pisces here and be the bride you were born to be.