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Update on Best Wedding Sites

My apologies to those that tried to access the Best Wedding Sites directory on Friday and encountered errors - it's finally back up and working now. whew! While the home page was ok - the interior categories were unreachable. We ran into some server issues earlier in the day and have finally gotten to the root of the problem. If you still encounter any issues, please let me know. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to enter our blog giveaways and wedding contests on Best Wedding Sites.

We have a new winner in the Linda & Harriet 2009 Letterpress Calendar giveaway. We never heard back from Courtney, so I've had to select another winner - congratulations go to Sarah S - here's her comment:

What let's me know the holidays are here are beautiful decorated stores, Christmas music and where I am snow. Mainly the stores though. Once I buy my first Christmas gift for someone I am in the holiday mode and listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies. :)

I'll be sending you an email over the weekend Sarah for your mailing address - or you can email me directly at brenda{at}bestweddingsites{dot}com