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If They Don't Make the Bridesmaid List

Weekly Wedding Tip
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"Do you have close friends or family members who didn't make the bridesmaid list? Tell them the reasoning behind your decision personally, privately, and before you spread the word about who you did select."

For those that didn't make the list - why not ask your friends or family members to do something special either on your wedding day or in the preparation process so they can still be involved? Some examples:

Wedding Day Tasks:
1. ask them to do a reading at your ceremony
2. maybe they could even officiate your wedding
3. they could serve as a greeter at the ceremony and hand out programs
4. maybe you have a friend or relative that can sing at your ceremony or reception

Pre-Wedding Tasks:
1. they can accompany you when trying on wedding dresses
2. they can help with either favor or invitation assembly
3. maybe they have ideas of places to hold your reception

Anybody have more ideas to share?

Above Image Courtesy of Scarlett Lillian
I love this image, but I'm also a bit partial to pink and parasols :)