Pomegranate Weddings

In addition to November being National Pomegranate Month, pomegranates have history and tradition with weddings. The following facts and legends are from aznar.az:
• Ancient Greeks believed that the first pomegranate tree was cultivated on the Island of Cyprus by the Goddess of love - Aphrodite. Since then pomegranate juice has got reputation of "a love potion". Following the tradition modern Greeks break a pomegranate fruit during wedding ceremonies as a fertility symbol.
• According to the Koran, pomegranate trees among others grow in a perfect paradise garden. Many people consider flowers and pomegranate fruits as a symbol of wealth, abundance and fertility.
• In China they eat sweet pomegranate seeds on the day of wedding, thereby blessing a newly-married couple. A picture of a ripe pomegranate is a popular wedding gift.

Left Column:
Pomegranate Centerpiece from Brides.com
Cake from La Farine Wedding Cakes
Artistic Still Life with Whole and Half Pomegranate from Art.com
Blush Beet Cupcakes from Whiskie Bits

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Table Number Card from Brides.com
Pomegranate Seating Cards from Martha Stewart
Rosehip and Pomegranate Wreath from Fiori Belli
Pomegranate Sorbet from Diana's Desserts
Flowers with Pomegranates from Brides.com
Black Cherry Earrings from Brooke Marton's esty shop

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Pomegranate Wedding Invitation from Felix Doolittle
Pomegranate Ring Pillow from Patchwork Pottery's flickr gallery
POM Mocha-Tini from POM Wonderful
Anne Klein Dress from Lord and Taylor