Wedding Restroom Baskets

Weekly Wedding Tip
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"Keep a pretty basket filled with useful goodies like safety pins, a sewing kit, aspirin, a hairbrush, hair spray, and extra panty hose in the rest room at your reception."

You might even consider creating 2 restroom baskets - one for the men and one for the ladies. Of course, the men's bathroom basket is much simpler and could include mints and/or gum, spray deodorant, a comb, antacids, dental floss, and a lint brush. Their basket could even be an overturned top hat. For the ladies room, you probably want to get a little prettier and tie a ribbon on it and in addition to the items mentioned above, you might also include tampons and sanitary pads (discretely placed in the back, but still noticeable), mints and/or gum, bobby pins, spray deodorant, hand lotion, clear nail polish, hand sanitizer, antacids, dental floss, Band-aids, a comb, a laundry pen, emery boards, and you might consider bug repellent for outdoor weddings. In addition to the basket, you might want to add a box or 2 of tissues.

For those who choose to purchase a pre-made restroom basket, Gift Basket Classics has a nice one (shown in photo above).

Anybody have any additional ideas? Will you be putting a basket together for your wedding?