Fortune Cookie Favors

If you are looking for a special and delectable wedding favor - Emily's Chocolates is now offering Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookie Favors. Each cookie is coated with a special blend of smooth milk chocolate and comes individually wrapped inside a white, personal-sized takeout-style tote embossed with the Chinese character for love.

We have tasted other fortune cookie favors - but, Emily's are exceptionally delicious and the cookie itself isn't hard to bite into or break open (to reveal a fortune of love).

These Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookie Favors are sold in a box of 70 and retail for $105. Each cookie contains 1 of 12 messages of love (one example is - "If you want to be loved, be lovable!"). Although these boxes can be left as they are, you can add a ribbon and bow with maybe a floral embellishment for the perfect presentation. At $1.50 per favor plus the cost of your additional decoration, these favors from Emily's Chocolates are an inexpensive and beautiful edible party favor.