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Unique Place Card Idea

I've recently received samples of a beautiful and unique place card idea - the company is PlaceTile® Designs and they offer Erasable Ceramic bottle Stoppers™. They can be used as place cards for the wedding when placed on their side - and then the guests can take them home to cork olive oils, wines, vinegars, and more (making it easy to identify wine, dates when wines were opened, or describe flavors of wines or olive oils). Along with the bottle stopper/place cards, PlaceTiles also offers erasable ceramic menu and message boards, place cards, serving pieces and napkin rings. On their web site, you can view the large assortment of designs including the Nature Collection, Timeless Collection, A La Mode Collection, Vineyard Collection, Cosmopolitan Collection and Holiday Collection.

The one downside to the erasable ceramics - they do rub off if your finger should happen to touch them. This isn't so good if you have paid a calligrapher to write out your guest names and it should happen to be rubbed while being placed on the table at the reception, or if a guest happens to touch the PlaceTile not knowing it's erasable. My suggestion would be to write the names in permanent marker and then use nail polish remover to "erase" the names for future use. Plus, you can always experiment with other options.

These unique ceramics are absolutely beautiful and would make a great addition to any special event, just please be careful when using the felt-tip markers that are included with most PlaceTile orders.

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