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What is a Modern Bride?

I got to thinking about this question while reading the novel Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?. This story is about a girl who works at the fictitious Wow Weddings magazine and wins a free $100,000 wedding. She will be portrayed as 'Today's Modern Bride'. I'm almost half way through the book and so far 'Modern' means she will marry on Feb. 29th, wear a yellow dress with feathers, and dress her bridesmaids in dresses made of rubber. Hmmmmmm....sounds a little far fetched to me. Now, I know it's a fiction book - but come on.....yellow wedding gown? feathers? I guess it makes for an interesting story. I'll have to see how it ends up though....I can't help myself, unless a book is completely bad, I will read it to the end to form a true opinion. You'll have to check back to see my final thoughts.

But, in the meantime, some ideas I have for what 'Today's Modern Bride' might be:
Wedding Gown: Wear a gown that isn't all white, has some color in it (but, definitely not yellow with feathers). I really like the dresses I see in magazines now with black and red accents on the white. (example: Gowns from Essese Designs)
Bridal Party: Wear gowns in a similar color but dresses that are suited to their body shape in a style they are comfortable wearing.
Wedding Location: Have a destination wedding
Wedding Reception: Have a theme wedding
Favors: In response to the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, giving a donation to the American Red Cross in lieu of wedding favors. A note can be left a each place setting letting the wedding guest know of your generosity.
In general, doing things out of the ordinary and not being afraid to break with wedding traditions. The more unique and personal you make your wedding, the more special it will be not only for you and your future spouse, but for your guests as well. Create a wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come. And be sure to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter - the September issue will have a great article on 25 ways to make your wedding be extra special.