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Martha's New Show - not such a "good thing"

While I am glad that Martha Stewart is back after serving her time - I just can't seem to understand all the praise about The New Martha Show. I miss her old show (now in reruns on the Style Network) that used to be filled with her "Good Things."

Of course I still keep tuning into her new show - I guess I keep thinking that maybe one day I'll see something that I would like to actually try myself. Now I know it's a new show with a new format, but we have enough 'talk shows' on TV. We need to see Martha offer us her good tips again. Some of the ideas that didn't quite make my "good things" list from recent shows are:
- Martha and Marcia Cross making scrambled eggs and serving them in empty egg shells - don't know about you, but I like to eat my scrambled eggs with a regular size utensil, not a mini spoon.
- Martha celebrating her mom's birthday by baking a carrot cake that called for 3 sticks of butter (and that didn't even include preparing the frosting). Not exactly something that the average health conscious person would be making.
- And today, I tuned in to see Martha (with red hair) holding a rooster on top of a row of ladies hair to see which one was the closest red match.

Having just received the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings yesterday (which is filled with wonderful ideas for creating/crafting a beautiful wedding), I couldn't help but notice the difference in the Martha style before and after the 'ankle bracelet'.

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