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BOOK REVIEW: Newlywed Cookbook

The Newlywed Cookbook is filled with over 200 original recipes and includes a common guide to cookware as well as terminology used in the kitchen. (ex. What is a roux? Answer. An equal mixture of flour and fat (butter or oil) used to thicken liquids). Plus, every type of herb and spice is listed with what dishes they're used for. Robin also provides insight into the recipes (what it pairs well with and substitutions). Each recipe provides a 'needed items' list, prep time, cooking time and how many servings.

While the dishes may tend to take a little more time to prepare than most cookbooks, it is well worth it. You will feel like a gourmet chef when your dish is complete. I've made the stuffed pork chops twice so far, once when my parents came over and the dish received raves. So far, every recipe I've made has been delicious.

Another bonus with this cookbook - Robin makes complete meal suggestions for the "special occasion", including a one-year anniversary dinner and when in-laws come to visit. Highly Recommended!