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Cupcakes and Weddings

CupcakesToday I stumbled upon a blog that talked about cupcakes and it got me thinking about how brides lately are forgoing the traditional wedding cake for a tiered cupcake tree at their reception. I found some great sites that offer cupcakes for weddings and thought you might like to check them out. I've also realized that there seems to be an emergence of Cupcake Bakeries - too bad there isn't one located near me. They make perfect birthday desserts and hostess gifts without you having to do the baking (although I certainly don't mind baking/cooking).

Cupcake Royale - Seattle's first specialty cupcake bakery
The Cupcake Shoppe - Toronto's first and only specialty cupcake bakery
Cupcakes Online - Vancouver Island
Leda's Bake Shop - Sherman Oaks, CA
Sibby's Cupcakery - Palo Alto CA
Sprinkles Cupcakes - Beverly Hill, CA
Cupcake Caboose - NYC
Buttercup Bake Shop - NYC's premier bakery
Billy's Bakery - NYC